Newsbreak Spring 2013 Executive Leadership



 News Director: Ali Snider

          Ali is a junior here at Kutztown. She is the news director of Newsbreak and has been a part of Newsbreak since the first semester of her freshman year working as producer, character generator, and camera operator. Ali also works on the KU-TV production Mic Check, and has been a member of the National Broadcasting Society since her freshman year. In her free time Ali enjoys doing pretty much any music related activities, whether it be playing guitar, ukulele, piano, or just listening to music. She also enjoys watching many TV shows and movies.


Assistant News Director: Angela Newton

          Angela is the assistant news director (Vice President) and a senior here at Kutztown university. She enjoys sports and one day hopes to be broadcasting them live. Angela is on eboard for two other clubs and loves being involved. She is most involved with event and documentary and between the lines both of which include her love of sports. Her long term goals would be working for a major broadcasting network in New York City.

Treasurer: Shawn Thomas

            Shawn is a junior at Kutztown University. He is the production manager for KUR. Shawn also works as a stage hand in the learning center, a performing arts co-ordinator in Schaffer, and in the POD in the South Dinning Hall.


Secretary: Casey Montague

          Casey is a sophomore here at Kutztown. She is the secretary of News Break and has been a part of News Break since her freshman year. Her first semester she was the Weather girl and second semester she was a camera operator. Casey is majoring in Communications and is minoring in Public Relations. She is also involved in Communications Club and Public Relations Club. Anyone who knows Casey knows that she loves the Kardashians! She also enjoys traveling, playing the drums, video games and various sports. She is also known as the sneaker queen. One day she hopes to work as a publicist in New York or California. 


PR / Assignment Editor : Joe Favinger

          Joe is a senior here at KU. He is in charge of Public Relations and editor of assignments for Newsbreak. He’s the one who makes sure every story produced is found and is the spokesperson for the club in any event. He joined Newsbreak as a crew member first semester his junior year, helping every week with whatever duty needs done. An interesting fact about Joe is he actually is an Electronic Media minor and majors in Business Marketing. He is involved with other school clubs such as NBS, AMA, and AAF. He is musically educated in playing the guitar and some of his hobbies include listening to music, watching movies, and hanging out with friends. He hopes to gain a full-time job with an advertising agency in a big city and get the chance to produce professional bands.


Documentarian: Mike Varlotta

           Mike, is a junior. He is the documentarian of Newsbreak. He has been a member of Newsbreak ever since his first semester at KU. He is also a member of National Broadcasting Society and used to be the communications coordinator. When he he not helping with Newsbreak he enjoys playing the drums, and snowboarding. He works at Bear Creek Ski Resort. Also in his spare time he likes to make video and taking photos.


ENG Director: Parker Bourassa

            Parker is a Kutztown senior with a concomitant in business. He specializes in VFX, and hopes to start a production studio. For newsbreak, he gathers footage outside of the studio, working with reporters to create packages for the show.


ENG Director: Seth Bortner

           Seth is a sophomore at Kutztown University and is an Electronic News Gatherer for Newsbreak. He has been a part of Newsbreak since his freshman year where he operated camera and assisted in gathering footage outside of the studio. He is also part of Mic Check, another show from KU-TV and is part of the National Broadcasting Society. In his spare time, Seth enjoys skateboarding, playing guitar, hacky sacking with his friends, and watching cartoons.


Webmaster: Calvin Spohn

            Calvin is a senior at Kutztown University. He is the webmaster of Newsbreak and has been apart of Newsbreak since the fall semester of his junior year. He has helped out with other kutv productions such as Mic Check, Showcase, Between the Lines, and Camera One along with live broadcasts of KU sports. He is a member in the Kutztown University chaper of the National Broadcasting Society. Calvin currently works for the Reading Fightin Phils on the Fan Cam crew. He hopes to get full time job for a sports production company.
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