Newsbreak 2015-2016 Executive Leadership



 News Director: Bradi Gallagher

Bradi is in her junior year at Kutztown. She is the President/Director of Newsbreak. Bradi joined Newsbreak last year as a transfer student. She anchors, produces, reports, and directs the weekly show. Bradi is majoring in Communication Studies and is minoring in Electronic Media. Not only is she President of Newsbreak, she is involved with National Broadcasting Society. When she isn’t working on Newsbreak or NBS she is involved in her sorority Theta Phi Alpha where she does philanthropy projects. If you really know Bradi, you will know that she is the biggest movie buff and ALWAYS knows songs before they become mainstream. She loves to take long trips, play Battlefield(badly), and eat. One days Bradi hopes to anchor on a wonderful news team.


 Assistant News Director: Casey Montague

Casey is a senior here at Kutztown University. She is the assistant director of News Break for the second year and has been a part of News Break since her freshman year. She was the Weather girl for 2 years, and helped in the control room. Casey is majoring in Communication Studies and is minoring in Public Relatios and Electronic Media. She is President of Public Relations Club, Vice President of Communication club, and was recently inducted into the National Broadcasting Society (NBS). Anyone who knows Casey knows that she loves to keep up with the Kardashians! She also enjoys traveling, playing video games and varous sports. She is also known as the sneaker queen. One day she hopes to move and find work in New York or California on a television set.

Secretary: Alex Walton

Alex is a sophomore Electronic Media major at Kutztown University. She is secretary of Newsbreak. Alex is also a member of National Broadcast Society and is a student worker in the departments equipment room.


 Treasurer: John Zuder

A senior at Kutztown University, John is the Treasurer of Newsbreak. He has been involved with the club since his junior year. After school, John plans to work behind the scenes in sports media. Some of his hobbies include playing golf, fantasy football, attending sporting events, traveling, hanging out with friends and watching “Wheel of Fortune” 5 days a week. John is also involved with the Kutztown University Chapter of the National Broadcast Society.



 Assignment Editors: Max Hartman & Viviana Vidal

Max is a lovable 19 year old (that looks 25) and loves macaroni and cheese. He enjoys long walks on the beach, his favorite flowers are daisies, and his favorite band is blink 1-82.
Viviana Vidal is in her senior year at Kutztown University. She transferred in her junior year from Lehigh Carbon Community College. Since the beginning, she has realized her passion for telling stories and always maintaining a childlike inquisitive nature. What better way to combine those two passions than majoring in Communication Studies with a minor in Electronic Media. Upon entering Kutztown, Viviana quickly gravitated towards The Keystone Newspaper and KUTV’s Newsbreak. She also got involved in Communications Club and Public Relations Club. She even went as far as to become a member of the National Broadcast Society and a member of the service sorority, Epsilon Sigma Alpha. After investing a great deal of time and effort, Viviana was voted to become Assistant Editor of Arts and Entertainment for The Keystone and Assignment Editor of Newsbreak as well as the Thursday night Host of Hollywood Minute. She also was chosen to become the vice president of Public Relations Club and mentee President of Communication’s Club. Sadly, Viviana realized she can’t do it all. After stepping down from Communications Club, PR Club, and ESA, she knew the main organizations she wanted to focus on for her final year were the one’s that gave her the greatest meaning, which were Newsbreak and The Keystone. Viviana enjoys E! News, sleeping when she can, and playing volleyball for fun. She thrives when she is collaborating with her impeccably talented peers and likes to keep the mood light hearted by cracking jokes and amusing others. Over the summer of 2015, Viviana was one of the lucky few who got a chance to internship at WFMZ’s 69 News in Allentown, PA. Through that experience she realized her calling to become a hard news reporter. Viviana hopes to continue to delivering compelling stories to audiences from around the globe. 


 PR/ Documentarian: George Fladeland

George’s major is electronic media. As a Sophomore George has immersed himself into the KU Community. Other campus organizations that he is apart of include; being a reporter for Newsbreak, CONNECTIONS Orientation leader, and brother of the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity. George enjoys a nice slow dance under the moonlight while listening to the melodies of John Mayer.


ENG: Chris Steele, Jeff DePalma, Scott Dombro

Chris Steele is a Junior at Kutztown University and this is my third year with Newsbreak. He works as one of the ENG’s of Newsbreak. He enjoys playing video games, watching copious amounts of cartoons and animated movies, and building computers in his spare time. Chris is also involved with the local branch of the National Broadcasting Society. His favorite games are Pokemon, DOTA 2, and Minecraft.

A junior here a Kutztown University, Jeff is one of the ENG’s at Newsbreak. He has been involved in The club since his freshman year as a sportscaster and working behind the scenes as a cameraman, editor, along with various other jobs as needed. He aspires to work either on camera or behind the scenes at a major news station. Jeff feels right at home on camera but enjoys editing and filming just as much. Some of Jeff’s hobbies include, long boarding, playing video games, playing various sports, and just hanging out with friends. Jeff is also involved in several other clubs such as Kutztown’s National Broadcast society.
Scott is in his senior year here at Kutztown. He is one of the three Electronic New Gatherers. (ENG) He has been apart of Newsbreak since his junior year. Scott likes to edit different news packages and video projects. Some of the things he likes to do are play cards, chess, and watch movies. Scott is also involved in the National broadcast society here at Kutztown. When he’s not there or at newsbreak you can usually find him in the editing labs editing different projects or chilling in the student union building. Scott aspires to become an editor or producer for a news station or movie company one day.


 Webmaster: Josh Watkins

Josh is a local of Berks County, born and raised in Fleetwood PA. A member of NewsBreak for about a year and a half, Josh is currently entering his junior year of college. Not only is he the webmaster for Newsbreak, he also has been a weatherman for the past school year. In his spare time Josh enjoys working on his own projects, hanging with his friends, and playing some good ole video games. You can usually find Josh in the basements of Rickenbach, walking around South Campus, or hanging in his favorite tree just by the Kutztown Library. Along with Newsbreak, Josh is also an Eboard member of the Kutztown’s NBS chapter, as well as an active member of Kutztown’s HVZ group
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