Newsbreak Spring 2014 Executive Leadership

 News Director: Bradi Gallagher

          Bradi is in her junior year at Kutztown. She is the President/Director of Newsbreak. Bradi joined Newsbreak last year as a transfer student. She anchors, produces, reports, and directs the weekly show. Bradi is majoring in Communication Studies and is minoring in Electronic Media. Not only is she President of Newsbreak, she is involved with National Broadcasting Society. When she isn’t working on Newsbreak or NBS she is involved in her sorority Theta Phi Alpha where she does philanthropy projects. If you really know Bradi, you will know that she is the biggest movie buff and ALWAYS knows songs before they become mainstream. She loves to take long trips, play Battlefield(badly), and eat. One days Bradi hopes to anchor on a wonderful news team.

Assistant News Director: Casey Montague

           Casey is a junior here at Kutztown. She is the assistant director of News Break and has been a part of News Break since her freshman year. She was the Weather girl for 2 years, and helped in the control room. Casey is majoring in Communication Studies and is minoring in Public Relations. She is Vice President of Public Relations Club and is also involved with Communications club. Anyone who knows Casey knows that she loves to keep up with the Kardashians! She also enjoys traveling, playing video games and various sports. She is also known as the sneaker queen. One day she hopes to move and find work in New York or California in a television set.

Treasurer: Tim Richardot

          A senior at Kutztown University, Tim is the treasurer of Newsbreak. He has been involved in the club since his junior year. He aspires to work behind the scenes at a news station, national or local. Tim enjoys editing and creating graphics the most but also enjoys camera work and technical direction. Some of his hobbies include playing piano, disc golf, skiing, and hanging out with friends. Tim is also involved in the Kutztown Chapter of the National Broadcasting Society as well as an upcoming program called Comedy Workshop Live.

Secretary/ Assignment Editor: Tyler Demcher

           I am a Sophomore Electronic Media major. I got involved with Newsbreak last fall semester as an audio tech then spring semester I was a producer. After school I hope to work making Foley Sound Tracks. In my free time I like to drum and edit video and audio tracks.

PR/ Documentarian: Brianna Swann

Coming Soon

ENG Director: Hayden Campain

          Hayden is a third year Electronic media major, he is a member of Lambda Chi Alpha and in his free time enjoys long-boarding, writing, and playing video-games. After graduating, he hopes to start his own production company.

ENG Director: Jeff DePalma

Coming Soon

Webmaster: Chris Francia

           Chris Francia is serving as webmaster for his last semester before his internship and graduation. He has been a member of Newsbreak since he became a Electronic Media major during his 2nd year at Kutztown. After graduation, Chris aspires to work in the news studio or as a ENG camera man for the news.
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